About Us

"Christian Women's Job Corps of Bladen County"

With the support of trained volunteers and staff, utilizing financial contributions from supporters, and guidance from the Board of Directors, the Christian Women's Job Corps® of Bladen County is committed to assisting area women become self-sufficient by equipping them with essential educational, employment, and life skills so that they can become viable contributions to the community.

Women chosen to participate in the Christian Women's Job Corps® program attend intensive life and work skill courses that include Bible study and computer classes. The classes vary in length and are free of charge. The curriculum is designed to give the CWJC students a firm foundation on which to build a successful life and career.

Each student is assigned a mentor, and each mentor is committed to a one-on-one relationship to help build the student's self-esteem, self-confidence and skills essential to success in life and work.


What happens in the CWJC Program?

Weekly class instruction is held. Women receive training in life skills including (but not limited to):


-Positive Attitude


-Money Management

-Building Relationships

-Time Management

-Planning and Goal Setting

-Parenting Skills

They will also receive instruction pertaining to job readiness;

-Microsoft Office Skills

-Career Development

-Dress and Office Etiquette

-Resume Writing

-Literacy Improvement

Strength-Based Foundation

Being strength-based means recognizing strengths in a person and using those strengths to help address her challenges.


How Is CWJC Different?

Participants are active in weekly Bible Syudy and are matched with a trained Christian woman who will be a mentor as she travels the rosd from dependency to self-sufficiency in her culture.

Goals for each CWJC participant

1. Begin and/or grow in a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.

2. Complete job-readiness and life-skills classes

3. Attain self-sufficiency.

4. Give back to her community.

Who can be a participant of the CWJC ministry?

Our desire is that no woman "slips through the cracks". Any woman in need who can be equipped for life and gainful employment through the CWJC ministry is eligible. We know we cannot help everyone, but we offer hope to women at least 18 or older, clean/sober for at least thirty(30) days.